Smart Parcel gives you a fully automated delivery and pickup system

This Is Smart Parcel

SmartParcel Locker is an express self service machine which operates 24/7 using QR codes, cards or one time passwords (OTPs) for collection and delivery of Parcel.
Smart Parcel provides adjuvant services towards ensuring Secured Direct Delivery of goods.

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Logistics Service Providers

  • Eliminates delays at drop off point
  • Optimizes delivery service and facilitates faster deliveries per day
  • Reduces/eliminates cost on return trips

E-Commerce Retailers

  • Optimizes delivery systems and enables “same day” delivery by reducing delays at point of delivery
  • Provides an additional checkout option for customers
  • Reduces chances of unwarranted goods return by providing payment upfront

Banks, Insurance and other financial institutions

  • Provides a means with which documents, cards, cheque and other material can be given to customers.
  • Reducing banking hall foot fall and increasing the efficiency of the customer service desk.