Cost Effective

Spend less to send and receive your packages with our affordable pricing.

Track your Delivery

Get instant notifications on pickups and drop-offs of your delivery items.

Safe and Secure

Our Smart Locker is equipped with various security measures to ensure quick and safe deliveries.


Get your deliveries faster. Our Smart Locker eliminates delay at the pickup and drop-off points.

Easily Accessible

Our Smart Lockers are very easy to find as they are situated in straightforward locations.

Easy and Convenient

Access your packages in our Smart Lockers at your own convenience. We are always available, you call the shots.

Executed Partnership with Nigerian Postal Services (NIPOST) for deployment of Smart Lockers across 774 local governments and 955 post offices with over 3000 postal agencies across Nigeria.

SmartParcel is available for download on the Google Play store and Apple Store.
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We have answered some of your questions

1What is a Smart Locker?
A Smart Locker is a 24/7 self-service parcel delivery service which allows you to securely collect and send parcels with the use of one-time passwords (OTP). These OTPs are often a combination of alphabets and numerals.
2How do I track my parcel?
If you have a pending parcel for collection from a Smart Locker, your parcel details and unlock would be sent to you via email/SMS. If you are sending a parcel using a Smart Locker, your parcel details will be sent to you via email/SMS once you have dropped off your parcel. Similarly, if you log in into “My Parcel” shows more information on how to track your parcel.
3Do you have a weight limit?
The maximum weight of a parcel you can send is 10kg.
4What sort of items can’t I send using a Smart Locker?
A list of prohibited items is available in the Terms & Conditions section of our website. All parcels must be packaged securely. Parcels weighing more than 10kg and larger than 25cm x 25cm x 6cm in size cannot be sent using a Smart Locker.
5Can I put two or more parcels in the same locker compartment?
No – If the items are going to different recipients, when dropping off a parcel at a Smart Locker, each parcel must have its own unique label and be put in separate locker compartments to avoid your parcel going missing. Yes – if items are going to same recipient and can fit into a compartment.

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