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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

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What is a SmartLocker
A SmartLocker  is a 24/7 self-service parcel delivery service which allows you to securely collect and send parcels with the use of one-time passwords (OTP). These OTPs are often a combination of alphabets and numerals.
Where is my nearest SmartLocker ?
Your nearest SmartLocker  could be a walking distance from your home or office. This link shows a list of SmartLocker  locations.
How do I track my parcel?

If you have a pending parcel for collection from a SmartLocker, your parcel details and unlock would be sent to you via email/SMS.
If you are sending a parcel using a SmartLocker, your parcel details will be sent to you via email/SMS once you have dropped off your parcel.

Similarly, if you log in into app.smartparcel.ng “My Parcel” shows more information on how to track your parcel.

Can I put two or more items in the same locker compartments?

No – If the items are going to different recipients, when dropping off a parcel at a SmartLocker, each parcel must have its own unique label and be put in separate locker compartments to avoid your parcel going missing.
Yes – if items are going to same recipient and can fit into a compartment.

Do you have a weight limit?
The maximum weight of a parcel you can send is 10kg.

Delivery to Locker

Where is my parcel?
If you are waiting to collect a parcel from a SmartLocker, you’ll find your tracking/parcel details in your email. Concurrently, your parcel/tracking details would also be sent to you via SMS.
How will I know when my parcel is ready to collect?
Once your parcel has arrived you will receive an email/SMS from SmartParcel containing your unlock code and parcel details.
I have made two separate orders for collection at a locker. Will both parcels be in the same locker compartment?
No, they will be in two separate compartments, and you will be sent two different collection codes.
I ran out of time to collect my parcel. What do I do next?
Kindly contact Support for assistance.
I received two collection codes for the same order. What do I do?

This just means your order has been split between two parcels.
Input your collection code to get your first parcel and input your code to get your second parcel.

Sending a Parcel

My parcel has not left the locker?
If you have dropped off your parcel before 2 PM from Monday to Saturday, it is expected to be picked up the same day.
If you have dropped off your parcel after 2 PM from Monday to Friday, it is expected to be picked up the next day.
Any parcels dropped off after 4 PM on Saturday will be picked up on Sunday.
In the unlikely situation where your parcel has not left the locker, we ask you to wait 1 additional business day before contacting us.
How do I use a SmartLocker to send a parcel?
You can send a parcel from a SmartLocker to any location within our coverage.
What sort of items can’t I send using a SmartLocker?

A list of prohibited items is available in the Terms & Conditions section of our website.

All parcels must be packaged securely. Parcels weighing more than 10kg and larger than 25cm x 25cm x 6cm in size cannot be sent using a SmartLocker.

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